Our Team

Since its foundation, Netplan’s aim has been to aggregate professionals that shared the same commitment to support financially and with part of their time, specific initiatives of human development and that have had already the opportunity to work together as professional, mutually appreciating competence, integrity, effectiveness in leading complex organizations, familiarity with international business practices and passion.

The strength of Netplan is the ability to respond to specific needs of our clients by been resourceful, identifying, thanks to our many diverse experiences at executive level, quickly the right competence for each specific issue to be addressed.

Partners are the funders of Netplan Management Consulting, LLC in the US in 2004 and the funders of Netplan Italia SrL in 2016. Project Partners are senior professionals that are either regularly working with Netplan on specific projects or they have contributed to specific tasks on Netplan’s projects. All Project Partners have been selected because their prior professional relation with Netplan’s partners. Former Project Associates are accomplished professionals who have contributed to Netplan’s projects in the past and are now independently pursuing their professional objectives. Business Partners are organizations that often share project responsibilities with Netplan, adding specific professional knowledge and structured services


Paolo Pietrogrande
Paolo PietrograndeImplementing radical corporate changes, restructuring and repositioning large organizations
Alessandra Cellini
Alessandra CelliniAddressing challenging organizational changes and leading professional training programmes
Giacomo Dachille
Giacomo DachilleOperational turnaround of solar, wind and biomass power plants, chief negotiator
Nicoletta Panebianco
Nicoletta PanebiancoManaging Director, Netplan Italia, Project Administration and expert in resolving regulator’s issues

Project Partners

Pier Francesco Pinelli
Pier Francesco PinelliExecutive Advisor in Oil & Gas, Energy, M&A, Government organizations turnaround
Luigi Lanzi
Luigi LanziTurnaround and distressed situation expert
Ing. Susanna Ramundo
Ing. Susanna RamundoMaterial science and corrosion expert
Libero Sesti Osseo
Libero Sesti OsseoProcess plant engineering and advanced unit operation expert
Cristiana Agliardi
Cristiana AgliardiSenior expert in Human Resources strategy at leadership level
Paola Cellini
Paola CelliniCorporate Communication Expert
Patrizia Boglione
Patrizia BoglioneBrand strategist and Mentor
Alvaro Gafaro
Alvaro GafaroSenior organizational consultant
Maria Grazia Magazzino
Maria Grazia MagazzinoFacilitator for dispute resolution
Fabrizio Frinolli
Fabrizio FrinolliCompliance and Safety expert
Augusto Patacchiola
Augusto PatacchiolaChemical Engineer, senior project manager and expert in managing complex negotiations
Giampaolo Marinucci
Giampaolo MarinucciExecutive advisor supporting typically large companies in aligning their ICT systems to their long-term strategies and short-term needs
Franco Sansone
Franco SansoneSenior Technical Manager

Former Project Associates

Caterina Amendola
Caterina AmendolaCorporate image and graphics specialist
Francesco Carbonara
Francesco CarbonaraStructured Finance
Francesca Cofini
Francesca CofiniLivelihoods adviser
Valentina D'Angelo
Valentina D'AngeloWeb Communication specialist
Stefano Loconsole
Stefano LoconsolePower plant operation
Federica Mazzarelli
Federica MazzarelliMarketing and fund raising
Lawrence Mc Cormick
Lawrence Mc CormickSales and Operational Marketing
Cristina Onori
Cristina Onori
Eugenia Pietrogrande
Eugenia PietrograndeInternational Development Expert
Valeria Pomarici
Valeria PomariciProject manager, cooperation and human development
Guglielmo Rapino
Guglielmo RapinoAntitrust and civil rights lawyer
Lorenzo Tordelli
Lorenzo TordelliInternational cooperation expert
Stefania Toscano
Stefania ToscanoPress management and corporate campaign manager
Elena Vanz
Elena VanzUrban Planner

Business Partners

duePuntiCorporate Image
Studio Semola
Studio SemolaHR management, business accounting, tax planning