Augusto Patacchiola

Chemical Engineer, senior project manager and expert in managing complex negotiations

Augusto Patacchiola

Former Head of Contract & Project Management at Enel (world’s largest electric utility), former head of Procurement and & Project Execution at Enel Green Power (global leading renewable energy generator), former Head of project execution at Kinetics Technology International (at the time an international petrochemical engineering contractor.

Augusto started his career as process engineer at KTI designing oil refining furnaces and critical reactors; his first assignment as project manager was in the USA for a Hydrogen Generation Unit at NASA.

His most challenging achievements include an oil refinery in Russia, executing the 800MW repowering of Italian geothermal facilities within half the time originally planned and at half of the cost and 2% more producibility, directing a € 2Billion thermal power project in Italy, supervising a €5 Billion nuclear plant in Central Europe, coordinating a team of 500 Enel’s engineers plus an estimated 5000 technicians at construction sites around the world executing more than 50  simultaneous power generation projects, under COVID epidemic, on budget, with zero causalities and virtually no delays.

Now Augusto advises investors at executing projecs and has commenced a carreer teaching contract management at the law school of Universita’ degli Studi di Salerno.