Serving Your Needs

Selected team of professionals providing advisory, consulting, project management, temporary and shadow management.

We offer services to:

  • Advisors / Lenders
  • Entreprises / Companies
  • Individuals / Graduate Students
  • Non-profit organizations

Advisors / Lenders

  • Technical, legal and business due diligence: energy, industry, utilities, engineering
  • Scenario evaluation, market intelligence
  • Business plan verification
  • Support during leadership change
  • Company turn around
  • Temporary and shadow management
  • Succession planning

Enterprises / Companies

  • Strategic scenario analysis
  • Planning and executing change
  • Support new management
  • Support critical negotiations: sourcing, partnerships, unions, stakeholders, regulatory
  • Crisis management
  • Company turnaround
  • Search for strategic partners
  • Lead mergers, acquisitions, divestitures
  • Restructure operations
  • Assistance preparing and executing bankruptcy procedures
  • Redefine corporate processes and reengineer organizations

Individuals / Graduate Students

Exchange of information, two ways:

  • Engage in professional discussions
  • Executive education
  • Soft skills courses: negotiation, ethics, taking decisions, organization and process analysis, generating consensus, effective internal comunication
  • Internships at client and partnering organizations
  • Support for grant preparations
  • Lectures: business development, corporate management, organization, energy, utilities, industry, e-commerce, fashion, developing countries, civil rights, urban design, molecular biology.

Non-profit organizations

  • Project development
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Fundraising assistance
  • Grants Writing
  • Project Management
  • Need Assessment
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Organization

Areas of expertise: organization, fund raising, grant application, human rights, minorities integration, micro-financing, education, health, nutrition, famine prevention, off-grid power.

Geographic areas: Democratic Republic of Congo, Equador, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Nepal, Romania.

Thirdplan initiative: Our partners and some of their partners agreed to support complex projects for non-profit organizations with the 20/20 scheme, 20% of each one’s professional time invoiced at 20% of regular fees: to date four such projects have been completed.