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Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its foundation, Netplan’s aim has been to aggregate professionals that shared the same commitment to support financially and with part of their time, specific initiatives of human development. Partners and Project Partners have been volunteering with different pro-bono roles in each of the sponsored no-profit organizations, and have thus direct experience on how initiatives are defined, projects executed and resources are managed; partners monitor performances and rate initiatives to make sure consistency and integrity are maintained during the life of the organizations. None of the organization selected pays any salary to its executives or professionals, unless they are directly full time committed to site services within the projects.


The list of organizations is provided to Netplan’s clients for them to select which one is going to be sponsored by their project. Netplan commits 10% of professional revenues from each project as donations: all partners and associates reduce their professional fee as a consequence. It is the desire of all partners and associates of Netplan that clients do contribute directly by donating 10% to the selected organization, thus establishing direct links between client organizations and human development projects.

Active organizations supported by Netplan include

Amka Onlus
Medical, education and microcredit projects in Congo and Guatemala

Anatroccolo Onlus
Social assistance and social health center for disabled people

Araetaeus Onlus
Medical assistance and research for neurological deseases

Asinitas Onlus
Welcoming, litteracy and job training for migrants and asilum seekers

Casa della Misericordia Onslus
Catholic institution to support the needy

Cenacolo Missionario Comboniano
Catholic Missionary Bible Research


Mamre Onlus
Hospitality and job training for immigrand single mothers, a Catholic institution

Nuevo Horizonte
Rural community in Guatemala, investing in children education

Il Tetto Onlus
Foster family network, serving mostly unaccompained migrants

I Santi Medici Onlus
Hospice and medical support to the elderly, a Catholic institution

Healthcare, education and job training projects in Madagascar