The time is now: maximize incentivized solar asset profitability.

Following strategic repositioning projects, Netplan is currently supporting two world leading private infrastructure investment companies also in the role of system engineer and project supervisor in financially-optimized large photovoltaic plant revamping.

With the objective of Focusing on maximizing the return for the current Owner, keeping in mind regulatory, technical and tax constrains, we explore several configuration designs, including grid-parity capacity addition to incentive driven capacity.

At present Netplan is supervising the transforation of a large fixed tilt facility into one-axis tracker, utilizing string inverters and high efficiency mono-christalline solar panels, making room for a future grid-connected capacity addition and battery-storage system.

Netpan has been supporting the Client of this specific facility from project evaluation, system design, financially-driven project optimization, suppliers negotiation and selection, authorization prodeures, grid interface and currently with the project execution management. A second sister project is scheduled to comence in weeks.