negotiating skills: it is not a matter on who is higher in command, but on who has the highest bargaining powers…


negotiation skills: could I ask for more? you will never find out


negotiations skills: did you get the best you could?


negotiation skills: brutal negotiators exist only at the theatre, or, exist only once


negotiation skills: how much is it a show for your colleagues, how much is real substance?


negotiation skills: be though, loose much


negotiating skills: build bridges, be credible, address counterpart needs and forget your good reasons


negotiation skills: make sure you have the power of attorney, you can decide the course of action


negotiation skills: if there is no backup, you may have to take though decisions…



negotiating skills: there are decisions that only you can take


successful career: is there anything else, beside your bio?


do not underestimate the motocarriole market, the most promising automotive new fronteer


negotiating skills: make sure your negotiators have clear, transparent set of priorities, not just their own


negotiating skills, not cheating skills