Giacomo Dachille

Operational turnaround of solar, wind and biomass power plants, chief negotiator

Giacomo Dachille - Netplan Partner
Giacomo Dachille

Giacomo is a turnaround and management consultant specialized in independent power generation, renewable energy generation and water utilities. He has worked on assignments in Italy and North Europe.

Giacomo had received a doctorate in electrical engineering from Università di Bari, EMBA at Bologna Business School (Università di Bologna) and is a registered professional Engineer. He has consolidated experience as designer of electrical systems, then site manager, project manager and later operations manager in process plants, industrial sites, airports, electric utilities and renewable energy. He has strong background in electrical engineering design for industrial plants and airports infrastructure construction (design and project management).

Having worked for large investor owned independent power producers, developers and international private equity owned companies, he is familiar with the challenges of project financing, thigh cash control and meticulous reporting procedures.

Giacomo is now employing his unique technical and business expertise as a management consultant for renewable energy sector, supporting operators and investors to turnaround challenged operating facilities, enhance margins and letting asset value emerge.

Among his latest achievements while at Netplan, plant operation supervising, improvement and revamping for two Ardian Portfolio companies, plant improvements for AgriTre, an Ardian Portfolio company, where Giacomo implemented safety, operations and troubleshooting procedures to stabilize power output and revenues and to establish sound plant discipline, for ESI, Italian solar subsidiary of Encevo, the Luxemburg Energy Utility, where Giacomo redefined all the permitting package, helping the defense against abusive inspections by regulator, redefined commercial and technical projects operation, upgraded the facilities resulting in 13% higher revenues and 25% lower op costs.

Prior to joining Netplan, Giacomo has been in charge of restructuring the generation portfolio of GSF, repowering sites, reengineering processes and later managing the operation and maintenance of 145 MW of photovoltaic projects, mostly trackers. During his tenure at GSF the company underwent main corporate challenges, including change of ownership, regulatory and financial restructuring.

Prior to GSF Giacomo was a system designer, then site manager and finally project manager at 9REN, where he directly supervised many projects (total 30 MW) of new construction, worth €120M investment. In his responsibilities Giacomo closely cooperated with sourcing functions to find best equipments, scouting new suppliers, reduce costs and contracts review and established new internal procedure for construction management.