Federica Croce

Federica Croce - Netplan Pulicaro Alumna

Federica Croce
I Live in Rome

Phone. +39 392 6746304

Master Degree in Project Management For International Cooperation and Euro- Project from Social Change School;
Graduation in Law from Università di Roma La Sapienza.
Thesis research with Makerere University, Uganda

Pulicaro Leadership Courses:
Negotiation Skills 2016
Communicate effectively 2016
Aggregating Consensus 2016

What I do

Fundraiser and project manager for human development initiatives in
developing countries
I’m graduated in Law with a field research thesis on Human Rights in Uganda. I’ve a Master Degree in Project Management with a field experience with INTERSOS in Lebanon, where I worked in a programm with Syrian refugees. Previously I was a volunteer on the field in DRCongo, Guatemala and Kenya and I worked in different prjects about Human rights, malnutrition, food security, woman empowerment and education.
Currently I’m involved in tutoring assignements with minors with learning disabilities (DSA), cognitive borderline disorders, attention deficit – hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Discover to understand

Passion, attention to detail, energy and teamwork are the key elements of my work. The desire to know and discover different realities was the impulse that motivated me to engage myself in this personal and professional way.

Be the Change

Traveling I discovered the beauty of diversity and especially, thanks to my work in different developing coutries, I learned to respect it.
I learned that the change must start from the bottom and everyone must try to be the change.

Enjoy the Waves

I have a lot of passions and I always look for new ones. I love traveling, reading, listening to music, playng volleyball and beach volleyball… but If you really want to see me happy let me roll in the waves with my longboard!