Diodoro Cavoto

Diodoro Cavoto - Netplan Pulicaro Alumnus

I live in Salerno, I am 28 years old
My action area is Italy

Phone. +39 338 5201671

Assistant Project Manager, MAGALDI SPA
Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering for Energy and Environment, Napoli Federico II University, 2016
Postgraduate Program in Energy and Environment Management, SAFE, 2017

Pulicaro Leadership Courses:
Negotiation Skills 2017
Communicate effectively 2017
Aggregating Consensus 2017

A solid training at the service of the business

I am a mechanical engineer and I work in the Magaldi Power SPA in the purchasing department.
I have done two experiences as post graduate grant holder. The first in Tarragona on NZEB building design, the second in Napoli on the modelling of energetic systems. Then, I have done a postgraduate course of Resource Management (SAFE).

I have a dream

I work in a Engineering Procurement Manufacturing Maintenance, it is very beauty because you can see the development of an entire project.
I’d like working in the Renewable sector because I believe in a more sustainable world.

My ideal country

I’d like living in a country with less bureaucracy and less taxes. Where innovation and the development strategies are aimed at increasing jobs, I think that this is basic to have well-being in the world.

Personality and passion

I’m a friendly person. This means that I like to meet my friends but also to know new people; in fact I think that meeting people is a continuous source of knowledge. I really like listening to music specially rock and classical music.