Alessandra Cellini

Addressing challenging organizational changes and leading professional training programmes

Alessandra Cellini - Netpaln Partner

Program Manager, young professionals education courses, Netplan Italia

20 intensive years of laboratory work in basic molecular biology and medical research, cooperating with some of the most prominent global scientists such asGiuseppe Attardi, Christine Guthrie, John Abelson, Renato Dulbecco, John Rossi, Keichi Itakura, Susumu Ono, Luciano Felicetti, Guido Modiano, Glauco Tocchini Valentini, Francesco Amaldi.

Neurology Institute, Policlinico Gemelli – Rome, project director

Molecular Biology Institute, ENI Research Center – Monterotondo, team manager, genetic engineeering

Cold Spring Harbour Research Lab – New York, visiting scientist, yeast genetics

Molecular Biology Laboratory, National Research Center – Rome, fellow researcher

Moecular Genetics Department, City of Hope, Beckmann Research Center – Duarte, California, research fellow

Molecular Biology Institute, California Institute of Technology – Pasadena, lab intern

Reproductive Biology Laboratory, National Research Center – Rome, intern