Ing. Susanna Ramundo

Material science and corrosion expert

Susanna Ramundo - Netplan Partner
Ing. Susanna Ramundo

Expert advisor to Italian Infrastructure and Transportation Minister in the MoSE dispute (Venice tide defence system) and in Technical Group Surface (TGS5) of Coal and Steel R&D, in the European Commission.

Susanna Ramundo is a Chemical Engineer, she has been Vice Director of Surface Treatments & Corrosion at Centro Sviluppo Materiali (CSM), a leading R&D Consortium for the European Steel industry, now part of RINA, where she worked in different positions for over thirty years.

Susanna has also had appointments at D’Appolonia Designer (Oil&Gas), in charge of Risk Base Inspection for up-stream, down-stream installations and refineries, at ENI-Corporate-University, being lead trainer to Corrosion Control courses in Ghana, Nigeria, and Congo, at Statoil-Norway for their R&D activities.

Susanna has lead laboratory work, trouble shooting, material development, life extension programs and consulting in the fields of biomass combustion, corrosion control and advanced processes for several engineering and manufacturing companies; she has authored of over 50 scientific publications and holds 5 International Patents.