Maria Grazia Magazzino

Facilitator for dispute resolution

Maria Grazia Magazzino - Netplan Project Partner
Maria Grazia Magazzino

Lawyer, expert in commercial contracts and off-Court dispute resolution, she has had extensive research work on dispute resolution in Europe and Latin America, a subject she is a licensed trainer for the Italian Ministry of Justice.

Maria Grazia has though personal behaviour skills to improve process effectiveness and openess to innovation in complex organizations.
She has been applying “Theory U” developed by the Massachuset Institute of Technology, an innovative approach to manage complex organizations, develop laedership, stimulate creativity. She has implemented in Milan, Italy ULAB HUB, based on the MIT platform and adapted to the European organizational culture, serving Italian corporate and not-for-profit organizations.

Passionate of organizational innovation, for the types of Guerini Next, she promoted “Reiventare le organizzazioni”, the Italian translation of Frederic Laloux’s book and has published her review of il caso ARCA, on “L’Impresa” by the types of Il Sole 24ore. In addition to several publications in trade journals, she is the author of La Mediazione (Edizioni Magi, Roma, 2004); Volti e conflitti. La convivenza delle possibilità. (Cittadella Editrice, Assisi, 2012).