Maddalena Ambrosi

Maddalena Ambrosi - Netplan Pulicaro Alumnus

Maddalena Ambrosi
31 years old, based in Rome
with a strong desire to discover the greatness of the world

Phone. +39 329 53 59 334

Advisory services, EY.
Master Degree in Business Advisory – MBAdv. Project Management, Risk Management, Economics and Strategy.

Pulicaro Leadership Courses:
Negotiation Skills 2017

Nice to meet you

I’m a performance improvement senior consultant with international background and good knowledge of business processes.
My work experience focuses on risk assessment, operational, financial and compliance audit, project management.
I strongly believe that solutions for every issues could be found with kindness, sharing experience and constructive dialogue.

SKILLS, Hobbies and DeSIRE

I have great energy, strong team-player and hands-on attitude with excellent communication and networking skills (too confident?).
In my life I had the possibility to learn how to cooperate across the boundaries of individual units with life experience, sports and voluntary activities.
I wish I find a way that allows me to mix my working skills, my passions in movies, travelling, discovering people and new culture together. How? I don’t know yet but I’ll find the way!

I’ve been inspired by…

First of all my mom’s enthusiasm and her love for life.
Some books that speaks about a second chance (for example “Design your life: how to build a well-lived joyful life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans; “Vinpeel degli orizzonti” by Peppe Millanta).
An incredible numbers of cult, “goodwill” and “redemption” movies (“One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” – Miloš Forman, “Big fish” – Tim Burton, “Wonder” – Stephen Chbosky).


I’m basically a happy, curious and very optimism person.
I love travelling and lose my self in books, music, films and other culture. A truly believer in human cooperation and sharing for a collective growth.
Quotes: “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” – A. Einstein
“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet” – S. Hawking