Gian Luca Vergineo

Gian Luca Vergineo - Netplan Pulicaro Alumnus

Gian Luca Vergineo
I live in Rome, now my action area is Italy

Phone. +39 392.8926536

Wholesale Energy Market Analyst, ENGIE
Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering for Energy and Environment, Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II
Postgraduate Program in Energy and Environment Management, SAFE, 2017

Pulicaro Leadership Courses:
Negotiation Skills 2017
Aggregating Consensus 2017


I’m a mechanical engineer specialized in the fields of energy and environment. At the moment I work as an assistant at Wholesale Energy Market Regulatory unit at Engie Italia. Before that, I attended the Master SAFE (energy source management). My job gave me the chance to improve my skills, both soft and technical, and to learn from my colleagues, sharing with them what I had learned too.


I enjoy working with many sectors of my company. That helps me learn how to interact with colleagues that don’t have my same background and skills, but with whom I share the same goals.
All together we support Engie’s business development, and I believe that this staff function has a great importance for our


I believe in a world powered only by clean tehcnologies, where pollution and energy problems will be solved in the cheapest and most effective way. That’s the future I want. In the present though, we have not only to improve our technological knowledge, but we also must change our habits: consume less in order to reduce our impact on the environment.


I’m a “petrolhead”: I love cars and in my next life I want to be a F1 driver. I don’t do a lot of sport, but sometimes I play tennis or go
running. I love art (in particular Pop Art and Futurism) and music (I played the drums in a band for 6 years).