Ettore Maiorino

Ettore Maiorino - Netplan Pulicaro Alumnus

Ettore Maiorino
I live in Rome, I am 27 years old
My action area is Italy

Phone. +39 3409906439

Junior energy efficiency project engineer, Axpo Energy Solutions Italia
Master Degree in Environmental Engineering, Federico II of Naples, 2016
Postgraduate Program in Energy and Environment Management, SAFE, 2017

Pulicaro Leadership Courses:
Negotiation Skills 2017
Communicate effectively 2017
Aggregating Consensus 2017

My Bio-Energy Route

I am an environmental engineer and I work in Axpo Energy Solutions SpA like junior project energy engineer.
During my university graduation internship I had another work experience in MBDA Leonardo where I had the role of junior project engineer.
Here, I proposed some energy efficiency operations to minimize the energy and the environmental impact of a factory sector.
Then, I have done a postgraduate course about energy management and environmental sustainability in Rome (Master SAFE).
After I worked in a consulting and professional services company, Accenture SpA.

I found MY JOB

I work in an Energy Service Company of the Axpo Group. Here the work is very intensive and evolves quickly, so in a few times, you can learn how to manage a energy efficiency project and its most important phases and aspects (regulatory, engineering, communication and commercial).
You have no time to get bored.
I work on energy projects.


I would like living in a smart and meritocratic country, where technology improvements help people and government to improve the quality of life of everybody. I would have more times to dedicates to my passions and my family in the feature.
I would live in a little town closely to the nature.


I’m a solar and friendly person, indeed, I love to meet my friends but also to know new people; in fact I think that meeting people is a continuous source of knowledge. I love the nature, and I like to play some different sports likes MTB, tracking, snorkelling, volleyball and football.
I’m a simple person that believes in love, friendship and in
determination’s power.