Carmine Graziani

Carmine Graziani - Netplan Pulicaro Alumnus

Carmine Graziani
I live in Cagliari and
my action area is Italy

Phone. +39 3389237555

Energy Efficiency Specialist, Sartec Srl
Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering for Energy and the Environment, University of Naples Federico II, 2016
Postgraduate Program in Energy and Environment Management, SAFE, 2017

Pulicaro Leadership Courses:
Negotiation Skills 2017
Aggregating Consensus 2017


I am a mechanical engineer, member of the Order of Engineers of Naples. I currently work at SARTEC – Saras Ricerche e Tecnologie in the Energy Efficiency business line. Thanks to my education, I have an effective, objective and result-oriented approach. I previously gained experience in motorsport at ACI Sport and I had the opportunity to work abroad at Disneyland Paris.


Everyday I deal with various projects and I try to find the best cost-effective solutions for problems that show up. I like understanding business and customer needs, improving financial and management competences, besides the technical ones. Teamwork is essential to achieve success.


I am hungry and ambitious. I am interested in building an international and multi-sector career. I believe in continuous training and self-improvement. One day, I would like to create a company on my own. It could concern energy and sport; anyway, it will definitely increase people’s well-being.


I love meeting new people and listening to their stories. I like discovering and exploring new places and cultures, without forgetting my roots. I am always available to play soccer with friends and to take a swim in the sea. I do believe that “Life is too serious to be taken seriously”.