Andrea de Besi

Andrea De Besi - Netplan Pulicaro Alumnus

Andrea de Besi
I live in Rome.
My action area is Europe.

Phone. +39 329 1605868

Master in Cultural Policy and Management – City University London
Diploma Maestro di Musica – Santa Cecilia Conservatory

Pulicaro Leadership Courses:
Negotiation Skills 2017


I currently work as logistic manager at Insectfarm srl in the insects market.
I have a background as administrative assistant in the London insurance Market. I also promoted and coordinated international cultural projects.
During these roles I developed the ability of successfully liaising with various stakeholders.


I love delivering the best support to our clients and go beyond their expectations. This allows me to communicate effectively the real interest of the company for our clients and their needs.
I would like to deal with new challenges to create a dynamic work environment.

My vision of the future

I dream of building a solid, dynamic and positive team grounded on a strong ethic in order to contribute to creating a better world.
I had occasion to re-build the Student Union of the S.Cecilia Conservatory gathering a team who could continue the union’s mission after the end of my mandate.

Something else about me

I am a daydreamer, a bit nerdy, with interests in videogames, math and music for film.
I consider myself having a strong logical mindset with an analytical approach to the world and its dynamics.
I am always curious to understand “why” things are as they are.