Pier Francesco Pinelli

Executive Advisor in Oil & Gas, Energy, M&A, Government organizations turnaround

Pier Francesco Pinelli - Netplan Project Partner
Pier Francesco Pinelli

Pier Francesco Pinelli is currently the Commissioner of Foundation INDA, appointed by the Minister of Culture and is an executive advisor with several international clients. He held executive positions in Power Generation, Renewables, Refining, Integrated Downstream and in cultural and performing arts public institutions

Most of his career as Executive was developed in Erg SpA, an Italian private energy company listed in the Milan Stock exchange, where he served over 10 years directly reporting to the Erg’s Group CEO: Head of Refining & Marketing Division at Erg SpA (€9.2 billion Turnover, 3600 outlets and 10 million Ton refinery runs), Chairman at TotalErg SpA (51% Erg; 49% Total), Vice Chairman at ISAB srl (largest Mediterranean Refinery, 40% Erg; 60% Lukoil), CEO at ERG Petroli (Third largest Italian Integated Downstream Company. Pier Francesco played a key role in the merge and integration between Total and Erg following the turnaround of Erg Petroli where Pier Francesco introduced step changes in marketing, introduced a loyalty program, rebranded the company outlets, launched innovative products.

Pier Francesco served the ERG Group also as CEO of ERG Power & Gas (by then €751 million sales, 1100MW installed capacity, 5,2 TWh/yr), General Manager of Isab Energy Srl (51% Erg; 49% International Power), BoD member of Erg Cesa Eolica Srl (JV with Acciona, now Erg Renew); Pier Francesco conceived and leaded the Erg Power & Gas start-up, as well as the start up of Erg spa activities in renewables, now the key investment focus for the Energy Company.

As an Erg Executive Pier Francesco was heavily involved in M&A activities ranging from large size deals such as the merge of Erg Petroli and Total Italia or the sale of the Isab Refinery to Lukoil to medium to small size acquisitions merge and divestments in Italy and Spain
At the same time Pier Francesco had management roles in about 20 Joint Ventures and partnerships with private entrepreneurs as well as with energy Majors (Shell, Exxon, Total, Mol, Gaz de France, Lukoil) maturing strong skills and experience in this area.

Pier Francesco managed the largest program for restructuring and relaunching the Italian Opera Houses conceived by the Italian government which included 9 Theatres including among others Opera di Roma, San Carlo di Napoli, Arena di Verona, Teatro Massimo di Palermo totaling roughly 300 billion of revenues and 3000 employees.

Pier Francesco was appointed Commissioner of the Foundation Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico, responsible of the largest drama festival in Italy, where successfully completed a 24 months turnaround leading to an increase of 23% in revenues and spectators and the improvement of economic and financial conditions.

Pier Francesco has also held senior positions in Bain and Company (Management consulting) serving several clients mostly in energy, utilities and manufacturing industry and to a lesser extent in Services, project development positions in AES Corp, where he was member of the team that successfully acquired the Tisza Power company in Hungary. Pier Francesco started his career as project engineer at Ismes, a R&D division of Enel, the leading global electricity company.

As a consultant Pier Francesco developed a distinctive capability in the support of several sectors of the no profit such as performing arts, cultural heritage, secondary school education, development cooperation