Alvaro Gafaro

Senior organizational consultant

Alvaro Gafaro - Netplan Project Partner
Alvaro Gafaro

Alvaro has more than 20 years experience in management and consulting at international level, he is native of Columbia, where he started his professional career as a Lawyer, then moved and worked in Australia, where he gained a Master in Organizational Dynamics, then moved to North America and finally settled in Europe. He has a sound knowledge of Cross-cultural issues that, based on his deep knowledge of corporate processes, he applies to business development, sales and organizational effectiveness.

Sharp-focused, imaginative and (when the game becomes tough) able to bring calm to people and clear thinking to a project, Alvaro has coached top management of companies such as Cisco Systems, Exxon-Mobil, Accenture, SAP, Barilla, Krones, Lenze Gerit, Roche, Ducati, Enel, Erg to grow their business further by improving organizational & sales processes. He has built unique expertise in Organizational Development, Diversity Management, Sales Process Improvement, Executive Coaching, Negotiation and conflict resolution, Development of multicultural teams
His goal is to have a positive impact on other people’s lives, both at a personal & professional level.